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Magicial Tamarindo Sunsets

It’s no secret the the western coastline of Costa Rica has breathtaking sunsets. The afternoon blaze sinking into the pacific ocean creates some of the most vibrant colors mother nature has to offer. And thankfully, you can witness the magnificently colorful setting sun from almost any beach in Costa Rica. However, I will tell you that after living in this beautiful paradise for 8 years, sundowns in Tamarindo offer a little something extra. It’s not because the sun itself goes down differently here than it does anywhere else. It is because of what the setting sun in Tamarindo invites and entails……THE SUNSET CEREMONY.

In Tamarindo, sunset gazing seems to be the unofficial ceremony that everyone show up for without fail. It’s the proper way to close the day. Paying respect and giving thanks as you admire in awe the beaming sunshine that brightened the path you chose to take today. If you’re a visitor, its the perfect end to a day after a fun-filled afternoon of beach lounging, taking a surf lesson, estuary tour, sport fishing, snorkeling, cruising on a catamaran, horseback riding, canopy tour, shopping, or whatever activity you choose to enjoy while exploring Tamarindo. And for us who are lucky enough to live in this paradise, it is a daily humbling reminder of why we are so fortunate to call Tamarindo our home.

Tamarindo has a great balance of first time guests, return visitors and locals that all contribute to a diverse beach community. If you are interested in really getting to see what Tamarindo is all about, I encourage you to head down to the beach a little bit before sunset. Not only will you witness the beautiful phenomenon of a setting sun, but you will also see how all the different visitors and locals enjoy our beach community. Soccer games in the sand, volleyball, fire dancing and baton, family picnics, friendly happy hour drinks, bonfires, sunset surfs, children building sand castles, fishing, shell collecting, weddings, photos with friends, beach strolls, bike rides, etc.

Starting around 5:30pm, the buttery yellow glow tries to seep calmly into the horizon, but the shimmering water and the fading daylight reflect intensely against one another as if the sea won’t let the brilliant sphere submerge without a colorful struggle. Sharp pink and orange gleams ricochet between the horizon and the clouds for 20-30 minutes and grows to a dim violet that eventually vanishes into the night.

The sunset slips across the bay. A beautiful light closes the day.