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Summer Vacation in Tamarindo

Here in Tamarindo it’s summer all the time but I still get the summer vacation bug. Living here year-round we get to experience the subtle and not so subtle changes in seasons and summer in Costa Rica. Summer is one of my favorite vacation times. So why is Summer one of the best times to visit Tamarindo? Here are just a handful of reasons I can think of as I write looking over the jungle canopy to the ocean.

1. The weather is great and the prices are lower. During the summer, it is considered the green season when the rates are lower than high season. RPM Vacation Rentals is offering a 10% discount on our already low summer rates for many of our 160+ properties so don’t forget to check out our selection of amazing properties.

2. It’s sunny and the landscape is lush – In Tamarindo, we do not experience rain from mid-December until the beginning of May. (So far only two days of rain and the rain didn’t start till 4pm!) The landscape turns from a beautiful dessert to a lush tropical forest but it’s still sunny nearly everyday. During the summer months you can expect a handful of rain showers in the late afternoon and night to take away the heat.

3. The waves are consistent and fun. For all ages and skill levels, there is a beach for you. It’s the perfect spot for a family surf trip with lessons available in the calmer waters of Tamarindo bay and boat trips to world class surf spots such as Witches Rock.

4. The town is alive and restaurants are great – Tamarindo offers a great selection of restaurants and night life. Enjoy the sunsets at the many beachfront restaurants and then go out at night to enjoy dancing and live music.

5. Day trip excursions – Tamarindo is the perfect place for an active family. You can go zip-lining, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, horseback riding, ATV, etc. The activities are great for families with young kids to fully grown.

RPM Vacation Rentals can help you with your entire trip including lodging, transportation, and planning an active or leisurely schedule while you are here. Send us a note at [email protected]

Come down and experience the best Summer Vacation Ever!