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Something other than the beach

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Something other than the beach , “What to do if you get “sick” of the beach”
Getting “sick” of the beach is not a complaint of many of our clients, but if there is the risk Cum of this happening, we want you to know that you have lots of other options. When you’re staying in Tamarindo, the options are almost unlimited!We can tell you wholesale NBA jerseys about our favorite tours – ziplining, sailboat cruise, day of fun at Buena Vista resort or a nature-watching river cruise on the Palo Verde River. We can arrange any of these trips for you through either of our offices and even if you don’t have a car, all of these tours include transportation!If you want to stay in town, each of us has our favorite shops and restaurants to recommend. The walk over the point during low-tide between Tamarindo and Langosta is absolutely stunning and shows the variety of beaches in our little town. There is a great pottery shop in the circle of town by Nogui’s that offers pottery classes and other art classes as well. Design your own bathing suit at Papaya Con Leche or spend the day relaxing at the pool or exercising at Langosta Beach Club.If you have a car and want to get out of town, we can wholesale NFL jerseys help you with driving directions to a variety of interesting places. Go to Santa Cruz on a Saturday and enjoy a local farmer’s market in the square. From there you can take an easy drive to the city of Guatil where native Costa Ricans have been making pottery for hundreds of years.Last of all – if you aren’t completely “sick” of the beach and just want some Botany variety, in my opinion what makes Guanacaste so unique is the amazing variety of beaches all within an hour’s drive. The blue waters of Playa Conchal with a beach consisting of tiny broken shells is only 25 minutes away. Amazing surf breaks like Avellanas, Playa Negra, and in Playa Junquillal are also a short drive worth taking.As you can see, getting bored here will take some work. And the option of a nice drink cheap NBA jerseys by wholesale NFL jerseys the pool watching the sunset is always a good one anytime!