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Living the Dream in Tamarindo Costa Rica

My family and I are very fortunate to be “living the dream” here in Costa Rica. We are surrounded by amazing employees at RPM, have developed a great community in this amazing town of Tamarindo, COUNT! and are able to enjoy this great country everyday. Here are some of the reasons why I love Tamarindo, Costa Rica and I hope you do as well.

10. The mornings with no human sounds and just birds chirping and the howler monkeys wholesale mlb jerseys howling.
9. Great surf Something breaks. Within a half an hour there are over 20 world class 100 surf stay breaks for all abilities.
8. The stars at night, you can see millions of them with so little light pollution down here.
7. The Tamarindo beach N?tverksm?te community, we even have our own theatre group. Thanks Paul for investing in the kids and the community. Check out the Odd Couple this weekend and next!
6. The farmers market on Saturday mornings by the Super 2001. Amazing local produce and products
5. Community supported events like the Robert August Surf n Turf contest for CEPIA this weekend or the Have a Heart golf tournament for Amigos De Educacion.
4. The melting pot of Tamarindo with families living and vacationing from all over the cheap jerseys world.
3. The amazing schools for our children. Check out La Paz community school, Educarte, and Country Day School if you want to move here for a year or more.
2. The weather, it doesn’t rain cheap jerseys from December to May. Incredible! May to November, it usually just rains in the afteroon after a fun sunny day at the beach!
1. The pace of life, come and relax and rejuvenate here in titanium Costa Rica.

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