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Amanpuri Vacation Rental Condos Langosta Costa Rica

Selling Real Estate in Costa Rica

Your dream house awaits you!

Selling real estate in Costa Rica over the past decade has had its challenges. We have seen a baby market grow up and boom, fall and now is on the rise again with record numbers in sales. At RPM we have grown our real estate division into one of the top if not the top selling real estate company in the area. The secret of course is the owners, the renters and the networks of people who trust our service. With our clients coming from all over the world at all times of the year for over 10 years, we have amassed quite a network of people who love it here..

The other secret is we also love it here.

Recently we have also taken on a new associate broker from Canada Daniel Talbot who has been in the business in Tamarindo for over 7 years. He specializes in both residential and development property so myself and Dan have now become a great team. It is hard to find trustworthy and experienced, licensed agents/ brokers these days that havent gone off on their own or are already joined up with some other flags. We are excited to have him and feel free to contact him at [email protected] – Dan has branded I love CR and built a website to showcase our listings. You can see it at – also very exciting.

Please stay in touch for more news from me, Lock, the broker and Dan, our new associate broker in the coming weeks..