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May in Costa Rica

Sunset in Tamarindo Costa Rica
Sunset in Tamarindo Costa Rica

April showers bring May flowers and it’s definitely true here during May in Costa Rica. Tamarindo Costa Rica is part of the gold coast where it is dry from December till April with no rain. Then in April, the clouds start to roll in during the late afternoon and bring much needed rain during the evening and night. The weather continues to be great with sunny skies in the morning and throughout most of the day and then big clouds start to roll in unleashing spectacular storms for a couple hours. Often the clouds clear out later at night so you can also enjoy the incredible starts. The landscape changes in only a couple weeks from a beautiful dessert to a lush tropical jungle. May is the perfect time to come down and experience this transition in seasons.
The month of May is a slower time of year for us in Costa Rica and many locales enjoy the little break between the busy high season from Christmas to East and the upcoming spring break. The town is more peaceful, south swells from the southern hemisphere start to show up on our beaches. It’s a great time to experience our beautiful town and pura vida pace of life. Additionally, the chances of finding your own private slice of beach is much easier and some of the locales might just share some secret spots so ask nicely!!
Booking in May is also a great time to save some money with significantly cheaper prices for many houses and condos. Additionally, many airlines will be running specials throughout May so check out flights to Liberia, Costa Rica. Renting one of our hilltop houses is an excellent way to experience the incredible weather here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
We look forward to seeing you down here in May, just don’t tell too many people about it!!