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Family Vacation in Tamarindo Costa Rica, RPM Vacation Rentals

Family Vacation to Tamarindo Costa Rica

Family Vacation in Tamarindo Costa Rica, RPM Vacation Rentals
Enjoying a great family vacation sailing in Tamarindo bay

Taking a family vacation in Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a great opportunity to build memories and traditions that will last a lifetime. We often receive questions about activities and questions about renting condos for young families who want to vacation in Costa Rica. We have traveled down here on vacation many times before making the permanent move to Tamarindo and here is some of the secrets we have found to make it a great family vacation in Tamarindo Costa Rica.

  1. Get off on the right foot by reserving a private shuttle/taxi from the airport to your vacation rental (~$85). After a long day of traveling, renting a car and trying to navigate the street signs can be an exhausting and tiresome experience. Costa Rica does not have street signs or addresses. There are signs to popular beaches like Tamarindo but why risk getting lost on your first day? There are plenty of places and recommendations to rent a car in Tamarindo.
  2. Rent a condo or home rather than a hotel. With prices that are comparable to hotels, you can find the perfect condo or home for your family allowing you the freedom to eat at home, find a private space, and have a spot for the kids to play/sleep while the parents relax.
  3. Plan a couple excursions. Tamarindo offers so much to do for the entire family. The most popular family outings are Zip Lining through the forest, taking an afternoon sailing and snorkeling cruise across Tamarindo bay to a private beach, and horseback riding through the hills of Guanacaste.
  4. Enjoy long lunches and dinners at many of our great restaurants. The secret to enjoying some great family time on vacation is enjoying a great meal and spending time talking and laughing about the day. There is not fast food in Costa Rica so a little planning goes a long way especially with small children. Plan on it taking about a half an hour to get your food after you have been seated. If your kids are used to eating at 6pm then make sure you are getting to the restaurant around 5:15 to 5:30.
  5. Wear sunscreen. Tamarindo, Costa Rica is near the equator. You will burn so don’t forget the sunscreen throughout the day. Drag the kids out of the ocean/pool every couple hours to lather them up!
  6. Try surfing/boogie boarding. What a great and relatively inexpensive way to spend some quality time with your children. Tamarindo beach offers sand beaches and usually gentle waves. Get them to ride the breaking waves and watch their faces light up!
  7. Rest – You are vacation as well so make sure you get some rest time as well to recharge your batteries.
  8. Take walks around town and on the beach. We have all sorts of wildlife around town including howler monkeys hanging out in the trees. (Try by Kahiki Restaurant or Capitain Suizo). Iguanas and parakeets are all over the place as well.
  9. Be safe – Tamarindo is a tourist town and just like any tourist town, we unfortunately have petty theft. So don’t take the iphone to the beach and stick in your shoe while you are in the water!
  10. Embrace the PURA VIDA! Pure Vida means pure life and we hope that your entire family will experience Pura Vida on your vacation. Come to Costa Rica to relax and rejuvenate the whole family!