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dive with bull sharks and mantas costa rica

Top 10 Reasons to Book Your Costa Rica Vacation During Green Season


reasons to book a trip during costa rica green season

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day…


There are actually lots of definite advantages to booking a vacation during Tamarindo’s rainy season – which lasts from late May to early November. Here are RPM’s top 10 reasons to welcome the rain and book a trip during Tamarindo’s green season.

1. Fewer People

Fewer people means you’re more likely to get those immaculate Costa Rican beaches and adventure tours all to yourself. You’re also more likely to spot elusive birds and animals, which tend to shy away from large crowds.

2. Cooler Weather

Afternoon rain showers cool things off, keeping temperatures typically a few degrees lower than they are during dry season.

3. Sunny Mornings

Luckily, it does NOT constantly rain during this half of the year.  Far from it. In fact, you can usually count on sunny mornings with rain showers or thunderstorms for a mere 30 min to an hour each afternoon (except for the wettest months of September and October, when it can be a rain free-for-all).

4. Green Foliage and Prolific Wildlife

They call it “green season” for a reason. Thanks to the rain, everything is green and vibrant and there are lots of birds, monkeys and other wildlife inhabiting the forests.

5. Better Prices

Fewer people means more tour operators clamoring to cater to those people. Tours and rentals during this period tend to be less expensive than during peak season, when there are more people and less incentive to lower prices.

6. Dive with Bull Sharks and Mantas

dive with bull sharks and mantas costa rica

Bat Islands – Costa Rica’s premier mainland dive site, second only to Cocos Island (a 36-hour boat ride away).  This incredible pinnacle is located within Santa Rosa National Park, and is typically only good for seeing mantas and bull sharks during the rainy season months of August-November.

7. Exceptionally Vivid Sunsets

Tamarindo sunsets are killer year round – but they’re particularly impressive during rainy season. I’m not sure if it’s the moisture in the air from the rain or what, but they certainly seem to be even more vibrant and colorful.

8. See the Sea Turtles

Each rainy season, in coordination with the moon cycle, thousands upon thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles mob the shores of Playa Ostional (a couple of hours south of Tamarindo) to lay their eggs. It’s an incredible sight to see, and completely unique to Costa Rica. Click here to find out when. This calendar is surprisingly accurate at predicting these “arribadas,” or “arrivals.” Select the month from the drop-down menu, and scroll down to see the calendar of anticipated dates.

9. Afternoon Naps

There is truly nothing better than taking a nap while listening to the rain pattering away on the roof.

10. Seasonal Fruit

Several types of incredible tropical fruits are in season during the wet months. Think mamón chino, mangosteen, jocote, starfruit and cacao – the magical fruit that gives us chocolate!

When Exactly is Costa Rica’s Green Season?

Costa Rica’s green season – also known as “rainy season” – takes place from late May through early November. During these months, you can count on the skies opening up to water the gorgeous green plant life that makes Costa Rica so lush and beautiful.

What NOT to do During Rainy Season?

*Don’t book your wedding during rainy season. If it gets rained out, there are no do-overs.

*Don’t book sunshine-dependent activities in the afternoon. Plan them in the morning, when you’re less likely to get wet.

*Don’t let the rain get you down. If it’s storming a lot during your stay, embrace it! Put on your poncho and look at is as an adventure.

Blog by: Genna Marie
Photos by Genna Marie of Tamarindo Family Photos