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Tamarindo Costa Rica Family Vacation Ideas

The lure of the palm trees and the sound of the papagayo breeze led you here. Tamarindo Costa Rica, home of the howler monkeys and the leatherback turtles. Whether you’re family is into adventuring, sightseeing, or just relaxing: pura vida land has you covered.

Horizontes Vacation Rentals - Tamarindo Sunset
Horizontes Vacation Rentals – Tamarindo Sunset


For the thrill seekers, Tamarindo boasts various zipline courses where you can sail through the verdant hilltops beside the sloths and parrots. If that doesn’t quench your family’s thirst for adventure, you may also consider a family surf lesson or even a scuba diving tour!


If your family is more interested in sightseeing, Tamarindo offers various horseback riding tours, an excellent way to connect with nature while you explore it. Another worthwhile experience is a day trip to Rincón de la Vieja, the volcano nearest to Tamarindo, equipped with hotsprings and waterfalls alike!


For the more tranquilo families, Tamarindo also offers many opportunities to unwind. With countless spas and wellness centers, its large stretch of sandy beaches, and even an assortment of hidden tide pools. Tamarindo presents the inbreath that you deserve.

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But where to stay in Tamarindo? It’s not easy finding hotel rooms that can comfortably accommodate your entire family and even less so at an affordable price. Fortunately, hotels are not your only option! Vacation rentals are the perfect alternative. Not only do they provide you and your family with privacy and security, but they also give you more bang for your buck. Instead of paying for a cramped room outfitted with two queen size beds, you’re looking at an open floor plan and a private pool, fully furnished with a kitchen and all! Click here to explore our options!